Crimped paper cups

These paper cups are produced on our crimping machines in a variety of formats.
They are produced out of special grease-proof paper qualities, and are therefore are perfectly suited to present pastries in.
They range from small sizes suited for e.g. bonbons, to large sizes suited for e.g. small tarts.
They are available in a variety of forms, from round to square, from straight-edged to scalloped. We will gladly inform you of the possibilities.
The product can also be employed to present snacks in; perfect for e.g. the famous Dutch ‘bitterballen’!
Crimped paper cups are available in both printed and plain varieties, and will ensure your product is presented to its full advantage.

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  • Crimped paper cups (large)

    These crimped cups are designed for the larger types of pastries, like beignets, scones, and small tarts.
  • Crimped paper cups (medium)

    These crimped cups are suited for most types of pastries, and this is our most popular size range.
  • Crimped paper cups (small)

    This size range of crimped cups accommodates anything from bonbons up to petit fours and small snacks.
  • Printed oblong cups

    The oblong cup (cross-section:180mm x 85mm; bottom diameter: 135mm x 40mm) is very well suited for the presentation of ...